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This declaration concerns the products, the services and the websites of in an international level (generally, ÒservicesÓ of Personal information and other data we collect collects your personal information when you subscribe to a service of or when you provide these information voluntarily in different ways. We may combine the personal data collected by you with information of other services of or third parties, with the goal of optimizing the user experience and adapting the content to your needs. uses cookies and other technologies in order to upgrade your internet experience and draw information about the way you use the services with the aim to improve the quality of its services. The servers of automatically capture information such as the URL, the IP address, the browserÕs type and language, the date and time of the request, during your visit to our website or when you use some of the products we provide. Read more in the full text of Privacy Policy. Use The personal information may be used to provide the requested services or to show customized content and advertisements. Personal information can also be used for the control, research and analysis of the operation and for the improvement of technologies and services. We may share aggregate non personal data with third parties other than When we address others to help us in the processing of your personal information, we demand their compliance with the Privacy policy we have, as well as with other safety and confidentiality measures. Furthermore, we may share your information with third parties in limited cases, such as during the compliance with legal procedures, or in case of fraud or imminent risk prevention and reinforcement of the safety of our network and services. processes your personal information using its servers in USA and other countries. In some cases, the processing of the personal information is done using servers in countries other than yours. Read more in the full text of Privacy Policy. Your options When we ask you to provide us your personal information, we give you options when this is reasonably possible. You can find more information about the options provided to you in the legal notes or in the frequently asked questions for certain services. You have the right to deny providing your personal information or/and set your browser to reject the cookies. This, may, however, result in the abnormal operation of some services we provide. Where it is reasonably possible and on your request, we act in good faith and provide you access to your personal information. We therefore allow you to make changes to them and in case of inaccuracy to delete them. Read more in the full text of Privacy Policy. More information For more information regarding certain services, refer to the relevant privacy note on the navigation bar on the left or to the site Help. is a member of the U.S./EU Safe Harbor Framework. For more information about or privacy policies, refer to the full text of the Privacy Policy. If you have more questions concerning your privacy and, contact us by clicking here. Note that we do not answer questions irrelevant to the privacy policy of

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