Yiannis Xatziiordanou, continues the evolution of the jewellery and wins his presence on the field. As a child of the well-known goldsmith-watchmaker for 34 years Konstantinos Xatziiordanou and as a great grandchild of Michail Xatziiordanou, a caster at Caesarea in Cappadocia, he continues the handmade work, offering the best artistic quality for your own special moment. Jewellery made according to your needs, always in combination with new ideas, imagination, artistic feeling and responsibility. Jewels made with gold, steel, brilliant, stone fossils, pearls, designer watches and gifts are available for you, either at our showroom, or on our web shop.


Handmade jewellery

In our fully equipped workshop, we can give shape to the idea you will give us for your own unique jewel. All jewels are special, let alone a jewel based to your own ideas and having the signature of Yiannis Collection.


There is no idea we cannot give shape to. The harder it is, the bigger the challenge gets for us filling us with inspiration. 

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