Package shipping information can service customers all over Greece and abroad. The shipment of orders is free for over 50€ and is carried out by ACS COURIER in cities all over Greece, as well as abroad, without charging you at all. Your orders are delivered, depending on the products availability, usually in one to five days. If your order cannot be completed in cases of force majeure (bad weather conditions, labour strikes, etc.), we will inform you and you will decide for the completion of your order.

Package return information

You have the right to return the products you bought, without any charge and without having to let us know why you wish to return them, within two days from the date they were delivered to you. In this case, you are only charged with the direct expenses of the products return. Returns are accepted only if the products are in the same condition as when you received them, which means that their package must not be opened or otherwise compromised and that the documents, the retailerÕs receipt and the package that came with the product must have been retained. In case of products return, your refund will be completed within thirty days from the date we will receive the products. After 10 days, the official dealers in Greece or other countries are held responsible for any claims concerning the brands they represent. These dealers cover, using the warranty that comes with your watch or jewellery, any problem that may occur.

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